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Follow the steps below and you will be on your way!
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Step 1

ANBA games are played on a 9-foot goal & adult players must be 5’10” flat (shoes off) or shorter, find a gym BEFORE applying for a sanction. You should try and contact your county or city and ask them if you could use the local gym at your nearest schools or community center. Usually they will allow it.   

Step 2

Give yourself at least 120+ days. It is easy but it will take time to set everything up in the proper manner.  Look for some volunteers who are also interested in what you are doing. Try and get a minimum of 10. This will be your board.

Step 3

You then are going to need to hold meetings and discuss what you are going to have to do and by whom.  Obtain necessary ANBA Sanction Forms & Third Party Liability Insurance Forms.

Step 4

Once ANBA Sanctioned, the association will work with you to create your league/team website & social media outlets.  Consider a league/team logo.

Step 5

Look for league/team sponsors. Usually a local McDonalds or something will sponsor.  Sporting good stores may donate items or give large discounts. 

Step 6

Make sure you have an adequate number of officials & staff on board BEFORE you start.  Will you need uniforms, tee shirts, basketballs, marketing items?  What’s the cost?

Step 7

It’s time to recruit players:  what works best for you (social media; fliers; word of mouth; TV; Radio)  Remember we’re here to help!

Step 8

Create a comprehensive entry kit which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

* Cover letter / fliers
* General Information and Rules (Provided by the ANBA)
* Sign-Up Sheet (on-line sign up provided by your website)
* Entry Fees / Player sponsorship package (what’s the league break even?)
* ANBA Membership Information

Usually the players family members may have a business or the players place of employment could offer support.  Plan a league fund raiser.

Step 9

Distribute entry kit to potential coaches and participants.  Hold a draft/tryouts.  Hold a special date to do this.  Make it fair, though.

Step 10

Create a schedule. Usually schedule a minimum of 6 games in the season (such as once per Saturday or one during the week). Then you can schedule a tournament.

Step 11

Look for a photographer/videographer. They will take the pictures of all of the teams & record video for your social media outlets.  Players will love this.

Step 12

Sell tickets, or free admission. Congratulations, you now have a basketball league!

For further information on how you can begin running
ANBA leagues, tournaments, and clinics,
please contact for more info.

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